We are not afraid of contrasts…

We believe in both symmetry and asymmetry.
We do not silence, we do not stop.
We do not wait, we do not keep waiting.
We do not say that we'll do anything.
We do if so. Know that we do.
We enjoy what we do.
No better than you, we do our job well.

We Focus and Work Through

You may think that we do everything because we are an agency but we don't. We don't do what feels wrong to us. We have features that make us who we are, and we do not give up on them.

We are not afraid of contradictions and changes. We believe in the creativity of asymmetry as much as the aesthetics of symmetry.

We do not silence and stop. We do not stop the thoughts and words of ourselves or others. We know that the best ideas often arise from the most extraordinary. We do not hold off the birth of an idea.

We listen and try to understand. We listen to our customers and each other and try to understand. We approach everything that is done and not done, desired, and undesirable, with empathy and without prejudice. Empathy breeds sympathy. Our better understanding allows us to be better understood.

We focus on the goal. Do not we run into stone walls? Sure, we do but sometimes we jump over them, sometimes we walk past them. As we reach the goals, we run to new goals. We do not wait, do not pull over, we continue.

We aim for the best. We think, research, talk, work, and produce. We criticize what we do. We always aim for the better. We want to have a clean past and a bright future. We try to do the best we can for this. We compete with ourselves.

We act honestly. We approach each one of our customers, work, and life without lies. If we don't know we say we don't know but we learn. We don't say we can do it if we can't but we discuss and find out why we can't, and how we can do it. When we say “We do this job” know that we do that.

We do constantly learn. We learn from what has been done but we do not teach, we share. Our goal is to do things that will add value to your brand. While doing these, we approach the products and services of the companies we serve not only from advertising but also from a marketing perspective. Our aim is not to show off but to add value.

We blend the energy of youth with the experience of life. We get our energy from our young team and our experience from our experienced staff.

We do not make a mountain out of a molehillWe do not exaggerate the work we do. We focus on solutions, not problems. We are worth our salt, and we do sustain what we do.

We enjoy. We take pleasure in the work we do, the service we provide, the projects and innovations we produce. The truth of the matter is that we don't work but live.

We know who we are. You may not know us. If you want to get to know us, too… “How do you drink your coffee?”

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