A New Instagram Feature: Selfie Sticker

A New Instagram Feature: Selfie Sticker

Instagram continues to offer new features to its users as it is updated. With its updated features, it provides diversity and innovation to its users.

Users who installed the latest update met the 'selfie sticker' feature. In previous updates, stickers and gifs were added to emojis. Now stickers have evolved even more and merged with a selfie.

Selfies taken by users can now be created in small sticker sizes. Users can use selfie stickers while chatting with their friends from Instagram's DM (message) box. They can be shared not only in the message box but also in the photo or video shoots in the story section.

How Are Selfie Stickers Created?

If you want to use the selfie sticker in your Instagram story after taking a photo or video scroll down the screen and click on the button that says 'selfie'. Then take your selfie and insert it into the story as a sticker.

If you want to send the selfie sticker to your friends from your message box after entering the messages tap the smiley icon next to the text box and click the 'selfie' button. Take your selfie and send it as a sticker.

This feature has already started to become the center of attention by Instagram users…