A New Instagram Update for Marketing and Reels Videos

A New Instagram Update for Marketing and Reels Videos

There is a new update for Instagram. The familiar parts of many tabs have changed and have a new look.

The movements section at the bottom was moved to the top right next to the message box, while the new post tab, which was also at the bottom and in the middle, was positioned next to the movements at the top right.

In addition to these, the most striking change is that the store section, which was not actively used before, is located at the bottom right next to the profile page icon. This comes to mind, "Why has Instagram's interest in shopping increased?" brings the question. Many brands and people were already using Instagram very actively for the online sales of their stores. The addition of the store feature as a button seems to be pleasing to both customers and stores, and it makes us think that Instagram can make other innovations in this regard.

Another change with the new update is the reels video area that Instagram brought us to in its previous updates. Previously we only saw the reels feature when creating a post or story. Now reels video has taken its place as a button in the middle of the taskbar at the bottom in the part where the 'new post' button used to be… With this change, the use of reels video feature will increase even more and it will make it easier for everyone to create short, clip-style, animated, and musical posts. We can say that we think you will like it, too.

Could it be that the move to feature reels videos is aimed at attracting TikTok users to Instagram?

On the other hand, the Messenger icon has already started to take its place in the upper right corner of individual accounts.

It seems that Instagram is determined to be indispensable for individual and business users. With the last update, Instagram gets the message across to the users that we care about your requests and needs, and as per your request, we create our solutions and innovations.