Are Yourself The Target Audience in Your Ads?

Are Yourself The Target Audience in Your Ads?

Undoubtedly every product and service needs advertising, albeit in different ways. Otherwise, how do we reach our target audience, attract their attention, make them choose us by taking action, making money, grow and becoming a brand with a positive image?

By accepting these from the beginning, they create advertising budgets and set targets for this. Do we prepare campaigns that we have been working on for days, weeks, or even months or have someone prepared, and then say, "This is good, I like it, let's use it. However, let's change this message like this, let's change the image like this, let's determine the channels like this"? Which data do we rely on when making all these decisions? Is it our personal preferences, compliance with the determined strategies, corporate image, target audience perceptions? Which one is effective in our decisions?

Unfortunately at the beginning of the mistakes made. Personal tastes come before the expected effects on the target audience. Then, they complain about the results, saying that it did not have the expected effect.

The representation of the brand is the final decision maker or defender of the decision made within the company. However, it is necessary to make sure that personal tastes are left aside at the decision point. "Ads are made for the target audience, not the owners of the brand." The truth must not be forgotten. The same is true for creatives and agencies.

It is true that marketing and advertising, which is a very important branch of it, cannot be explained with mathematical formulas. However, marketing logic tries to bring together experience with scientific infrastructure, statistical data, and experimental results. The moment we move away from this logic in our work and decisions, and let our personal preferences and likes speak, it is inevitable that a huge black hole will swallow us.

In short, to analyze the data correctly we have to act in the line with these preferences while doing the work and making the decisions. Otherwise, the results will be disappointing, and lost time and effort go far beyond money. A lot of inconsistent messages float through nothingness as if they were floating in space, leaving thoughts that started with a short sentence that is “IF ONLY...!”