Content Writing is Now More Valuable For Instagram, too!

Content Writing is Now More Valuable For Instagram, too!

Since Instagram is used mostly for visual purposes, content writing has been left in the background by many people and organizations, and hashtags (#) were used to appear first in searches.

However, a new era is beginning on Instagram, and not only #'s but also word-based search results will be evaluated in search results.

It is currently unclear how this new feature is being rolled out by Instagram. Instagram made the following statement on the subject:

“It's a factor in many things, including the "type of content, captioning the content, and when it's posted" to rank higher. In addition, artificial intelligence is not developed at the moment, it will become easier for users to find the right content with their searches over time. For now, posts are only displayed."

This new feature, which has been made available in 6 different countries, including the UK, USA, Ireland, and Canada, is expected to come to our country soon. Although there is not a very advanced artificial intelligence at the moment, more accurate results will be shown as usage becomes more widespread and searches increase.

E.g; it will find not only those who write #prams but also those who write prams in the post description text, making it necessary to develop richer, and more satisfying content.

In recent years when content marketing has been important especially Instagram taking such a step will increase the need and importance of content writing in social media.

Since this feature will have enhanced search capability on the SEO side, marketers and users will at least be able to develop new strategies to optimize posts with the ranking factor in search results.

There is so much more to live and learn!