Digital Minefield

Digital Minefield

Do you have the optimal website?

We don't talk about a cool, stylish, new, trending website but an optimal website. A site that has the right technical infrastructure based on the requirements determined by the search engine, with satisfying and updated content, and most importantly reflecting you in the way with your target and strategy… Do you have such a website?

The website, which is your residential address in the digital world, is one of the sines qua non of digital marketing especially in a world where content gains value every day.

Don't say I don’t have a website, because I have social media.

Social Media and Website are not Alternatives to Each Other!

Have social media accounts, of course. However, it should not be forgotten that social media still cannot replace a website in today's world because they are the addresses you rent

Your website is an area that you own and control, and you set the rules. On the other hand, social media is rented, popular and very competitive, created outside of you, and changed at will, and sometimes forced to obey the rules that you are not aware of changing, and even you can be punished if you do not comply, a medium with slippery ground...

The place and importance of the two in the marketing of your products and services are different from each other, and their use is very different.

However, there are two important points where they intersect. That is, in today's marketing world, they are not a choice but a necessity for branding and they need sensitive and flexible management in order to provide the targeted benefit.

Otherwise, they may cause harm from benefit, and it is obvious with examples that especially mismanaged social media has the form of a minefield.

So what's the situation with you?

Do you have the optimal website? Is your social media managed properly or do you have a digital minefield?