Do Not Blink in The Dark! Advertise

Do Not Blink in The Dark! Advertise

There are, of course, different opinions about the necessity of advertising.

Some firm owners and managers say, “I know, I better do it but I can't spare such a budget. My status is not available. Let me win first then I advertise.”

Some company owners and managers say, “I'm already earning. Work is fine. Why should I spend some of my earnings on advertising? What will it give me? A waste of money!”

Fortunately, some firm owners and managers say, “I need to invest in order to be permanent and earn more. Marketing and advertising is also an investment for me.”

The first two examples are, of course, possible for the moment to be justified. However, possible events in the medium and long term may prove these thoughts, which seem justified at the moment, to be unjustified. It is necessary to live and see, to get ideas from those who live...

Dr. Steuart Henderson Britt's word is important at this point in emphasizing the importance of advertising. Britt says: “Doing an ad-free business is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you're doing but no one else does."

Of course, a very critical point to be considered here is to make a result-oriented advertisement with the right strategy, not to show off.

If only companies would focus on products and services that are extraordinary and make a difference they both make a difference and reduce their advertising budget because the amount that should be spent on advertising will decrease in proportion to the goodness of the product. The most convincing advertisement is the one that a satisfied customer will make.