It is Advertising Wars in The World but Advertising Teasing Here

It is Advertising Wars in The World but Advertising Teasing Here

The comparative advertising approach, which we see frequently between automobile brands such as BMW-Mercedes-Audi, beverages such as Coca Cola and Pepsi, or fast food brands such as McDonald's and Burger King, which is known as advertising wars in the world, has been a new attempt in Turkey in recent years.

Since it was forbidden to make such advertisements in Turkey in the past, we haven’t seen until recently. As of 2013, comparative advertisements have been paved and are allowed, provided that they comply with certain conditions such as not misleading the consumer, sharing verifiable information, and not causing unfair competition. However, we prefer to make comparisons without sharing a brand, partly due to uneasiness from the past and our naive marketing approach. But after all, don't we also have comperative advertisements? We are not  USA, or Germany. We're not that bold but our style isn't bad either.

In the past, brands' names and logos were blurred in advertisements were made by referring to the slogan used by the competitor. We have now started to be a little more specific. Advertising wars may not be called ours but it certainly has an annoying party.

Here's an example... The commercial film was prepared by Hürriyet Emlak without using the name of its biggest rival,, by going through its corporate colors, telling the viewer which brand it means but keeping the possibility of using those colors by chance.

We have not yet witnessed the open bickering of such big brands but when the quick wit of the Turkish people finds the appropriate way we will come across these provocations and quarrels more often. Who knows, maybe we can bring a new and striking approach to the sector globally.

We welcome all brands to friendly teasing and bickering.