Pros of Digital Advertising

Pros of Digital Advertising

Today, with the continuous development of technology, people have started to move away from traditional media and turn to digital media.

The reasons for preferring digital media we can list them as fast and effective communication, unlimited instant information flow, ease of use, universality, and people's ability to freely share their thoughts.

The fact that people use digital media so frequently and actively, the increase in the number of people using social media and the intensity of their use, and the advertisements made through traditional media on digital platforms and social media have opened the door for digital advertising agencies.

Informing and influencing the target audience, which is one of the main purposes of advertisements, and promoting a service or product have found new methods in the world of digital advertising.

The biggest advantage of digital advertising compared to traditional advertising is that it is measurable. Digital advertisements, personal profiles, preferences, habits are shown to a defined target audience. After the impression, a detailed result is obtained about how many people clicked on the ad, and the audience's interest and approach to the ad. Pricing is done based on the impression or view/click rates for the target audience. On the other hand, analysis and strategy, supported by numerical/proportional data beyond assumptions, become indispensable for digital advertisements.

The fact that traditional advertising costs are in a high and a lower budget is another important factor in its preference. Audiences on digital platforms play a major role in improving the product or service by reporting their positive or negative opinions about the product or service.

While in traditional media, the audience is only the receiver of messages in a one-way way as a listener, viewer, or reader, in digital media they are both content producers and consumers. In digital media, the mass also feels the power of directing the existing communication.