To Become A Leader in Digital World Age

To Become A Leader in Digital World Age

It is getting harder to keep up with the speed of the globalizing and changing world day by day. In addition to the technological developments which have entered our lives, we are trying to keep up with the rapid change in social media. These great changes lead to progress in many sectors such as the business world, the world of economy-finance, and scientific studies. In order to catch up with this changing world, it is necessary to be faster, more flexible, creative, and transparent than before.

How do the founders of technology companies that have become the leading power, and the creators of the big projects that have been implemented the minds in the leading positions,  approach the issue of keeping up with this digital world and taking part in it?

By following and observing the changing dynamics of the market, leaders are trying to learn much more about digitalization in order to develop many ideas and studies going forward. This situation brings with it the desire of leaders not to be left behind to stay competitive and to achieve sustainable success as well as be good users.

The efforts of leaders to take place in the digital world as users can sometimes affect the brand unexpectedly. If you remember Tesla's founder Elon Musk's tweet on Twitter, "I think Tesla's stock price is too high" caused Tesla's market value to decrease by $ 14 billion.

Leaders can also experience an uncertainty about what and how they should do.

Where should I start my digital transformation?

How will I make time for my digital transformation?

Will the mistakes I make during the transformation negatively affect me and the company I manage?

Questions like these can prevent many leaders from taking a step towards digitalization.

What should leaders do when taking part in the digital world with their brands?

They must be positive and reliable

They should internalize the rules of the digital world

They should work to become digital opinion leaders

Develop their networking and working relationships skills

They should try to take an active role in the development of their target audience.

They should promote social good or the arts

They should learn about the behavior and effects of digital on people.