What Is 5M in Advertising?

What Is 5M in Advertising?

Advertising is the ideal combination of facts and art. If that combination makes a sale then you have made the right advertisement.

This 5M rule is important to see your advertising strategy, budget, and benefit.


Advertising mission may relate to informing, persuading, reminding, or reinforcing a purchase decision.

The most decisive factor here is the awareness and preference of the product.


Expressing the value of the brand/product with words and pictures.


The choice should be made according to the power of reaching the target market and the budget. It is the study done to determine the targeted effect, reach, and frequency of the advertising campaign. There are delicate trade-offs between reach, frequency, and impact.


Advertising should be aimed to affect sales positively. It could even be considered by setting a target for this and paying the agency a fee accordingly. However, some factors affect sales other than advertising. Most of them naturally fall within the scope of marketing.


Ad campaigns require an initial measurement and a final measurement. The final metrics try to calculate the advertising campaign's power to influence communications or sales. However, it is difficult to do this, especially in image ads.

After all, getting the right amount of budget to spend on advertising is critical.

“If you spend too little on advertising it can mean you overspend because no one notices your advertisement.” However, an ad that you can see everywhere may not achieve the targeted increase in your sales.

Sergio Zyman, the legendary name of Coca-Cola and former vice president, one of the people who spent a lot of budget on advertising, recently said: “As you know, advertising is dead.” And then he redefined the ad: “Advertising is much more than television commercials. It covers branding, packaging, celebrity spokespersons, sponsors, promotion, customer service, the way your employees behave, and even how your secretary answers phones.”

So advertising is marketing.