What is The Tendency of Click, Whirr?

What is The Tendency of Click, Whirr?

Robert B. Cialdini talks about the click, whirr tendency in his book The Psychology of Persuasion. So what is it?

Human beings cut corners when making decisions in daily life. The number of these cutting corners is quite large. One is mechanically reacting to information that is the click-whirr tendency. The main thing here is to believe without question what the person who is seen as an expert or authority says. This is either because we prefer not to research enough, or because we do not have enough prior knowledge so we cannot understand something even though we search.

We call the controlled approach/controlled response to the complete analysis of the given information and reacting accordingly.

Many studies have shown that people handle information in a controlled manner only when they have the will and ability to analyze it carefully. Otherwise, they tend to accept what's being said with the click-whirr tendency.

It is a tendency that is mostly preferred by people who think that they have access to information but do not care whether the information they reach is correct and healthy. Sometimes it is used based on temporal reasons but beware! This tendency, which is widely adopted and applied, carries the risk of being easily manipulated in business or daily life.